Candidates for certification must pass all required PECT/PRAXIS tests. This includes the Basic Skills Assessment tests (PAPA, CORE or SAT/ACT) that are required for official acceptance to the Education Program and by PDE. If a student earns a score of 500 or higher on any one or all three of the SAT tests then he/she does not have to take the aligned PAPA/CORE entrance test. For the ACT test taken Sept 1. 2015- Aug 31, 2016, if a student earns a score of Reading (22), Math (21) and/or Writing (21)or taken aftter Aug 31, 2016. if the student earns a score or Reading (22), Math (21) and Writing (8); then he/she does not have to take the aligned PAPA/CORE entrance test.  Official SAT/ACT scores should be submitted directly from College Board with application to Wilson College. Finally, prior to applying for the PDE Instructional I Certificate a student must pass the appropriate PECT/PRAXIS required content area test(s).

Adjustments can be made to accommodate the requirements of other states except those which require a year of graduate study.

The Pennsylvania certificate is also valid in 46 states with which interstate agreements exist. An Instructional Level I certificate is valid for six years of service, during which time the following requirements must be completed: an approved induction program, 24 credit hours of post-baccalaureate course work from a state approved, four-year degree-granting institution, and three years of satisfactory full-time service under contract in Pennsylvania. A person then qualifies for Level II certification. Once a student has attained initial certification, s/he must adhere to Pennsylvania’s Act 48, which requires all teachers to complete six credit hours or 180 clock hours of professional development every five years in order to retain a valid certificate. This applies to both Instructional I and Instructional II certificates.