Be a Confident and Well-Trained Equine Professional

The focus of the equine studies program is to provide the theoretical learning in the classroom, skill-based learning in the barn or arena, and on-site practical application of learning as student-teachers, trainers, and managers.


Equine Studies - Equine Management Concentration

Students gain the practical skills needed to manage an equine facility through participation in day-to-day operations of a stable and the care and handling of the horses.

About the Equine Management Concentration


Equine Studies - Equestrian Management Concentration

Students improve their own riding while learning how to teach riding and train horses.

About the Equestrian Management Concentration


Equine Facilitated Therapeutics - EFT (Equine Facilitated Therapeutics)

Students prepare for teaching in and managing programs offering equine assisted activities and therapy (EAAT).

About the Equine Facilitated Therapeutics - EFT

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