Teacher Online Pathway PK-12 Certificate Requirements

Disciplinary Core in Area of Concentration

A TOP student is responsible for passing the content area of the required state testing. If student feels he/she needs to supplement his/her content knowlege with courses, the Pathway Director can direct the student toward appropriate courses.

Four areas of PK-12 certification: Special Education, Business, Computer & Information Technology, Health & Physical Education, and Spanish

Education Course Requirements -- for all PK-12 certifictions. This pathway was designed for students to potentially complete the program in 12-18 months. Most online courses run on a compressed schedule.
             Course Requirements for all PK-12 certifictions except Special Education

             Course Requirements for PK-12 Special Eduction, completing TOP on or after January 1, 2022

*Please note: Health & PE added to TOP after the catalog was published (Course Requirements link above). Use this link: course requirements.

  • Required courses graded "C" or above may be transferred from transcripts.
  • Additional required courses will include those outdated and/or not previously completed