Current clearances are required as part of the application process. They are also needed to complete the required observation hours in our Education courses and to student/intern teach.

Education students must have the following four clearances and TB result. Please use the links below!

  • Act 24: Arrest & Conviction Report (free--print, read and sign -- requires "real" signature)
  • Act 34: PA Criminal History ( select Employment for reason on application, do not select the free volunteer request). You will use the information received once paid to go back to this site to "check status of record." Click the control number link and then certificate form link to access the actual certificate.
  • Act 151: Child Abuse (select Employment: governed by public school code for reason on application). You will receive an email when clearance is complete. Log back into account to access the actual certificate.
  • Act 114: FBI Background Check for those in PA. Must use this link as it is the only FBI site the Education Office has access to and we must access the official record. Once you fingerprint email with UEID number. You will receive one email in which you can download your clearance for your records.
  • FBI for TOP out-of-state applicants, please email
  • Negative TB test (ask doctor for a script/printout of the results -- must include date, result and doctor's office)

These clearances cannot be older than one year from date on each clearance and should be renewed annually.