"Wilson College's TOP program is perfect for the working professional. It offers the opportunity to complete a teaching certificate without the fear of losing employment opportunities in the field of education. Teachers are in huge demand right now, and this program allowed me to meet my academic goals as well as easily secure a position right after graduation." -- Richard Martinez'20, Biology

"Wilson made obtaining my teaching certificate easy, fast and affordable. It was amazing to be able to work and take classes at the same time." -- Garrett Strous'20, Social Studies

"I felt like part of the family from day one. Which is important for an older non-traditional student." -- Dody Zeigler'20, Middle Level Science

"Wilson College gave me the practical experience I needed to assimilate into a regular education classroom like I'd been doing it for years." -- Joel Rineer'19, Early Childhood Education

"The TOP Program at Wilson College allowed me to pursue a career in secondary education after working in higher education for many years." -- Laura Suchanick'19, Business, Shamokin Area School District

"Wilson met every expectation I had when acquiring my teaching certification. Everyone cares about your success and wants to hear your success stories." --  Dirk Brown'19, Early Childhood & Special Education, Susquenita School District

"Wilson's TCP program is very well tailored for the professional who wishes to pursue a teaching degree, post baccalaureate. Thumbs up." -- Derf Maitland '19, English, Delone Catholic

"My experience at Wilson College has completely changed my life. I wake every morning and enjoy going to work. I am very thankful for the opportunities I have been given." -- Kaleigh Herring '19, HPE, Mount Union School District

"Wilson worked with me to help me get a teaching certification while I was living abroad. After returning, they gave me useful resources to find a great job. Excellent experience!" -- Sarah Jansen '19, Social Studies, Littlestown Area School District

"I have always wanted to be a Health and PE teacher. Wilson College provided me with the opportunity to learn from intelligent faculty and allowed me to challenge myself to be the best educator possible." -- Mark Bingaman '18, HPE

"The TIP program at Wilson College has given me the opportunity to be an effective teacher by enabling me to finish their program through flexible schedules, real life experience, knowledgeable teacher and through a mutual committment." -- Jocelyn West '18, Spanish, Fairfield School District

"Wilson College changed my life and allowed me to complete my dreams of being a public educator. They truly care about their students and went as far as to send out job postings. I was very impressed with their ability to communicate and set high expectations." -- Stephen Hafele '18, HPE, Central Dauphin School District

"My experience at Wilson College in the HPE program was phenomenal! This experience as a teacher intern was exciting and rewarding for my future as an educator. Wilson College provided all the necessary work and beyond to make sure we were prepared. I am forever left with a lasting impact from everyone at Wilson College." -- Melissa Briggs '18, HPE, Newport School District

"Wilson offers a flexible program that allows students to be successful in the classroom and reach their career goals in a timely maner." -- Kellee Unrath' 18, Biology

"The Wilson TIP program allowed me to keep my full-time teaching job while in the program and ultimately let to my acquisition of my dream HPE job." -- Max Laing '17, HPE, Gettysburg Area School District

“Wilson College's Education Program not only set me on an individualized path to achieving my goals, but it gave me the confidence to pursue endeavors I had never previously imagined for myself." -- Darah Wolf '17, English, Greencastle-Antrim School District

"Wilson College provided me with the strong educational base needed to springboard my career as a successful educator. The relationships that I built and the experiences that I had at Wilson have helped me to become the educator that I am today." -- Katherine Han '17, Social Studies

"I loved the time I spent in Wilson's Teacher Intern Program. All of the professors are wonderful and knowledgeable." -- Stephanie Myers '16, English, Conewago Valley School District

"The Teacher Intern Program allowed me to successfully pursue my passion for working with students by building off of my prior career and education experience." -- Rebecca Streletz '16, ML English, Chambersburg Area School District

"Wilson set me up with subject matter experts to help me hone my own educational prowess in my discipline. The people who invested in me also invested in my character and I feel that if I had any issues, I would be able to call them on the phone or meet over coffee. At each step, I knew I was getting the best preparation and it's a large part, I believe, of why I'm employed by Milton Hershey School today." -- Adam Fabie '16, Biology, Milton Hershey School

"My experience at Wilson was excellent. The program fit my needs allowing me to take classes around my family's schedule. I felt super prepared going to interviews and received a job offer less than a month after completion." -- Dani Kardisco '16, Early Childhood, York Country Day School

"The Teacher Intern Program allowed me to accomplish my goals in a way that fit the needs of my family and career." -- Chasity Johnson '16, Early Childhood, Chambersburg Area School District

"The staff at Wilson College is incredible! They make it their responsibility in planting seeds so that we can grow gardens in our own classrooms." -- Michelle Price '15, Early Childhood, Harrisburg City School District

"My experience at Wilson was very positive. As a result I feel very well prepared to start my new career as a middle school science teacher." -- David Schofield '15, Biology, West Shore School District.

"Wilson College's Education Program has given me a great opportunity to move from one career to the next. It set me up for great success within the teaching field." -- Robert Poole '15, Early Childhood, Greencastle-Antrim School District.

"The Teacher Intern Program allowed me to obtain my teaching certificate while balancing family life and working full time. The educational experience I received at Wilson College was personalized and thorough. I was able to plan and prepare for my future career as an educator and enter into the classroom setting with confidence." -- Jenna Hess '15, Early Childhood, Waynesboro Area School District

"Wilson provides the tools needed to become a successful teacher to candidates of all ages who want to make a difference in a child's life." -- Ute Cline '14, Social Studies, Fairfield School District

"TIP allowed me the flexibility and freedom to learn at my own pace while juggling a family and job responsibilities. The first hand knowledge and expereince of my professors prepared me for the classroom. Wilson should be your only choice if you are considering an alternative route to certification." -- Michael Hummel '14, Mathematics, Mount Union School District.

"Not only has the program given me opportunities to connect with multiple established educators, it provided opportunities for long-lasting relationships with those being trained with me." -- Jennifer Isaac '14, Biology, Northern School District

"Wilson's program prepared me well for the job search process and for the subsequent job that I obtained." -- Mimi Frohman '14, Early Childhood, Carlisle Area School District

Wilson College allowed me to take classes while working professionally as a substitute teacher and coach. These flexible, evening classes allowed me to maintain a relatively normal lifestyle as I pursued a new career. Also, the excellent faculty, that focused more on conceptual knowledge and application  than on busy work, equipped me to become a confident and competent teacher."-- Anne Hoffman '14, Social Studies, S.Middleton School District

"My experience in Wilson College's Education Program was exceptional and an opportunity to grow personally and professionally. The TIP faculty and staff enabled me to enter the classroom confidently and prepared me to begin my career as an educator."-- Mark Herb '14, Biology, Waynesboro Area School District

"I was able to continue working part-time while taking classes and the departments at Wilson College are very flexible with your needs."-- Danielle Shughart '13, Mathematics, Kent County HS, MD

"This program allowed me to continue in my current non-education position while working towards a certificate. The course schedules allowed for a career and family oriented person to successfully complete their coursework."-- Brian Baine' 13, elementary, Greencastle-Antrim School District

"The program was short, sweet and to the point. Ideal for those who want a change of career and who have recently decided that they want to be an educator."-- Christopher Weishaupt '13, Spanish

"Wilson College TIP fit ~ my lifestyle, my schedule, my ambition, my budget. All professors had experience in the schools, and I learned as much from their experiences as from the coursework. Wilson offers many options for the courses required, both on- and off-campus; day or evening; spring, fall or summer semesters. Without the TIP program, I would not be at this point, feeling this prepared.”-- Maggie Murdoch '13, Mathematics

"Wilson provided a great program with informative classes and experienced professors that worked well with my work and family schedule. I found all of the staff to be very supportive and positive."-- Dana Lomma '13, Spanish, Upper Dauphin School District

“Wilson College allowed me to combine my two passions: animals and teaching. I received a B.S. in Veterinary Medical Technology in 2007. I worked in the veterinary field for 4 years and decided to pursue my love of teaching. The Teacher Intern Program at Wilson allowed me to continue working and get my secondary Biology Instructional I Certificate in 2012. After completing the program, I was given the opportunity to develop and instruct a brand new Veterinary Assistant Program at the vocational high school. Without Wilson College’s Education Program and the support of many amazing professors, I may not have obtained this position.”-- Lisa Cook '12, Biology, Franklin County Career and Technology Center, PA

"My experience in the Teacher Intern Program was fabulous. I was well prepared to begin teaching. I truly believe my training at Wilson College was the reason I was successful in my first year of teaching."-- Jacqueline Dell-Shearer '12, elementary, Friendship Academy, MD

"I have met some of the nicest and most sincere people at Wilson College who genuinely care about my success and constantly encouraged me to keep going. Having that positive circle of friends really helped me continue and finally achieve my long term goal."-- Valeria Pannizzo '12, Spanish, Susquenita Middle School, PA

"My time at Wilson College was very great and beneficial. The Teacher Intern Program is a great program and I would do it all over again.--Matthew Bricker '12, elementary, York Academy

"I found the experience extremely grueling but richly rewarding."--Paul Carey '12, Social Studies, Milton Hershey School

"Wilson College’s Teacher Intern Program has been a wonderful experience that I will treasure. The program has thoroughly equipped me for the world of teaching."-- Lauressa (Werst) Moe ’12, Biology, Fairfield SD, PA

"Wilson College's TIP program has made my dream of becoming a teacher come true. With their help, I landed a job and have begun my career."-- Justin M. Lahaza '12, Mathematics, Musselman High School, WV

"Wilson's TIP program allowed me the flexibility to obtain the curriculum classes I needed - when I needed them - while giving me a solid pedagogic base. The intense student teaching mentorship experience far surpassed my peers' experience from other schools."-- Sara Elder '12, Biology, HOPE for Hyndman Charter School

“Wilson College’s TIP has been a perfect fit for me as it allowed flexibility with meeting my course requirements. Program administrators provided wonderful guidance throughout the process from clarifying needed paperwork to ensuring compliance with PDE regulations. I feel confident about moving ahead with my new credentials as a teacher, thanks to Wilson!”-- Kathy Carlisle ’12, secondary English

“The professors in the program are very dedicated to teaching and helping their students! It is a great feeling to see the excitement in their eyes when they are sharing teaching techniques, and stories about their personal experience. I LOVED the small class sizes, it was easy to have great discussions with your peers and you always felt like you were part of a family during class.  Student Teaching has been everything and more; I am finding that it is the most rewarding career choice and I would not be where I am at today if it weren't for the Wilson TIP Program! Thank You!”--Alicia Bonar ’12, elementary