We know that being an alum of Wilson College has many benefits, but did you know that traveling all over the world while taking advantage of big savings and exceptional guides is one of them?  The Alumnae Association of Wilson College works with a multitude of travel companies in order to offer you the best deal on the best travel experience so that you can get the most out of your journey.  Featuring a variety of trips a year to choose from, the AAWC Tours and Travel program is your go-to when planning your next trip.  Please view the information below to learn more about how you can become an AAWC traveler!

Trips for 2020:

JANUARY 19-28, 2020 “Land of Cultural Treasurers” in Israel
Experience six UNESCO World Heritage sites and Israel’s diverse religious heritage by visiting historical sites steeped in Christianity, Judaism and Islam during this 9 day trip. Engage with a local Druze family while enjoying lunch in their home. Discover the stark beauty of the Dead Sea, a unique, natural phenomenon. Savor crisp falafels and buttery olive oils, Israel’s delectable flavors. Tour Cosmopolitan Tel Aviv and Old Jaffa on the Mediterranean coast. $4,445 per person, plus VAT and airfare. Save $250 per person if booked before August 20, 2019.
AHI Travel:  800-323-7373

FEBRUARY 1-17, 2020 “Outrageous Outback” Sydney, Australia to Auckland, New Zealand
This 14 night Oceania Cruise aboard the Regatta begins its journey in Sydney, buzzing with culture and iconic sites including the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbor. Each day explore a new city including Eden, Melbourne, Napier, Tasmania, and Gisborne. Throughout the journey enjoy beautiful overlooks and natural wonders filled with history. Taste locally made cheeses, wines and whiskeys. Walk along golden sand beaches while sighting native wildlife. Beginning at $6,899, fares are per person and include roundtrip airfare.
GO NEXT:  800-842-9023

MARCH 19-24, 2020 “Land of Fire & Ice” Iceland
Experience Reykjavik for 2 nights and the Icelandic countryside for 2 nights while exploring the geological forces that created this unique island. Stop at the black volcanic beach south of the Reykjavik village and experience a 60-meter waterfall. Explore the villages, mountains, and seas as you enjoy a traditional fisherman’s lunch.  Beginning at $2,980 with hotel accommodations, airfare, 9 meals, and entrance fees included.
Discover Europe LTD: 1-866-563-7077

APRIL 14-22, 2020  “Tulips, Windmills & Belgian Delights” in Amsterdam
Enjoy a 7 night, 9 day trip aboard the Scenic Pearl from Amsterdam to Amsterdam. Experience the Netherlands from Hoorn (Volendam) fishing village to the woodlands and sand dunes in Arnhem to the Netherlands second largest metropolis in Rotterdam. Beginning at $3,999, fares are per person, airfare not included.
GO NEXT:  800-842-9023

APRIL 27- MAY 8, 2020    “Croatia & the Dalmatian Coast”
During an 11 day land journey, witness the sun-soaked milk-white sand Dalmatian coasts, sleepy harbors and azure seascapes. Experience a feast of flavors, indulging in peka, a signature Dalmatia dish. Explore the wonders of Plitvice Lakes National park, a unique landscape of 16 lakes interconnected by waterfalls, and visit 4 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. $4,445 per person, plus VAT and airfare. Save $250 per person if booked before August 6, 2019.
AHI Travel:  800-323-7373

MAY 19-28, 2020 “The Pilgrim’s Way” in Spain
Trace the way of St. James on the ancient pilgrimage route along the North coast of Spain from Bilbao to Santiago. Visit Renaissance churches, gothic cathedrals, medieval towns, and an exceptional library. Gaze upon the beautiful stained glass windows and achievements in historic architecture. Beginning at $3,780, hotel accommodations, guides, and coaching included; airfare not included.
Discover Europe LTD: 1-866-563-7077

JULY 30- AUGUST 10, 2020  “Forests & Fjords” of Alaska and Canada
Travel from Seward to Vancouver on this 11 night Oceania Cruise aboard the Regatta. Travel down the Alaskan coastline visiting towns full of natural wonders, mountain scenery, and lively harbors. End your trip in Vancouver, Canada filled with breathtaking natural vistas, parks, restaurants, museums, and unique architecture. Beginning at $4,199, fares are per person and include roundtrip airfare with cruise only pricing available.
GO NEXT:  800-842-9023

AUGUST 13-23, 2020 “Kenya Wildlife Safari” in Africa
This 11 day, 9 night journey features unparalleled access to Kenya’s national parks, reserves, and conservancies. Along with the guidance of an Orbridge Expedition leader and remarkable accommodations, this adventure provides a one-in-a-lifetime opportunity to witness the spectacular array of wildlife in this part of the world. $5,995. 
Orbridge:  800-639-0079

OCTOBER 28- NOVEMBER 4, 2020 “The Galapagos Islands”
In the extraordinary archipelago Charles Darwin called “a little world within itself”, surround yourself with swimming-basking-flying examples of perfect adaptation during this 8 day island adventure. Snorkel with sea lions, colorful tropical fish and sea turtles. Explore secluded white sand beaches, where sea lions lounge and mockingbirds sing. Beginning at $4,995.  
Orbridge:  800-639-0079


The Alumnae Association appreciates your support. Bon voyage! 

Did you know?
Whenever you purchase a tour directly from the following partners, be sure to mention you are a Wilson graduate. Your mention will prompt the companies to make a donation to the Alumnae Association. This offer includes any trip, regardless whether it is sponsored by Wilson, from hundreds of educational tours they offer around the world.

Partner Companies:

AHI Travel: 800-323-7373
Discover Europe: 866-563-7077
GOHAGAN: 800-922-3088
GO NEXT: 800-842-9023
Orbridge: 800-639-0079
The Barge Lady: 800-880-0071