The accessibility coordinator and designated staff members may administer academic quizzes and exams that require the accommodation of extended time, a distraction-reduced environment, adaptive equipment, readers and/or scribes, an alternative testing format, etc. Faculty may also choose to provide alternative testing accommodations within their classroom. The student’s accommodations must be provided regardless of which area is used, if the student requests to use the accommodation. Faculty may consult the Accessibility Services Coordinator regarding appropriate accommodations and test administration procedures.

Testing Guidelines

The accessibility services coordinator and proctor staff follow the guidelines below to protect the integrity and security of each quiz and exam.
•    The accessibility services coordinator/test proctor will follow instruction on the requested return method of the exam, as the instructor/department indicates.
•    The accessibility services coordinator calculates testing time for the student according to the full class period unless the instructor has established a different amount of time allotted for the exam.
•    Student workers will not administer or proctor quizzes and exams for classes in which they are currently enrolled.
•    Efforts should be made for exams to be taken at the same time/day as the class is taking the exam; however, you may need to start earlier or stay later than the class to have the full-allotted time. Should you need to take the exam at a different time due to a conflict with another scheduled class, you must speak with your professor prior to scheduling the exam with our office. We are generally able to proctor exams between the hours of 8:00 am and 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday, contingent on staff availability.
•    Students using the testing center should arrive on time for scheduled testing; any late arrivals may result in a time deduction, affecting extra time or a reschedule with the professor (see student responsibilities) 
•    The accessibility services coordinator and any student workers assisting with testing procedures only read and/or transcribe materials. They do not interpret, modify or clarify the questions or responses.
•    Students are expected to abide by the Wilson College Honor Principle. Students found to be dishonest during their time in the Academic Success Center testing area may have their test and testing materials removed. The instructor will be contacted and informed of the situation. 
•    Cell phone use is prohibited within the Academic Success Center testing area.  All extra materials/supplies not needed for an exam will be stored in a separate area. 


Instructor Responsibilities

1. Deliver quiz or exam to the accessibility services coordinator/test center via one of the following methods:
•    Email a copy of the quiz or exam to the test center,
•    Drop off a hard copy of the quiz or exam to the accessibility services coordinator in the Academic Success Center, Room 207, John Stewart Memorial Library. If the door is locked, the quiz or exam may be placed under the center entrance door in a sealed envelope and clearly marked for the ASC.
•    Include a completed Faculty Exam Form with the quiz or exam.

Student Responsibilities

1. Email the test center 5-7 days before the date you wish to schedule with the following information: 

  • Course name
  • Instructor’s name (first and last)
  • Exam title (e.g., exam 2, midterm, etc.)
  • Date/time of quiz or exam 

2. Contact your professor via email during office hours to communicate that you plan to take your exam in the Academic Success Center.
3. Report to the Academic Success Center at your scheduled test time. Any arrivals later than 15 minutes are required to communicate with the professor and the test proctor of the intended late arrival. Anyone arriving more than 15 minutes late for a scheduled test may be asked to reschedule with his or her professor.  
*Any test requests submitted over a weekend for the following Monday or with less than 24 hours’ notice are not guaranteed to be met and the student may need to schedule with the faculty member.  Students will be notified if this is the case.   
4. All students are expected to follow the Wilson Honor Code; any academic dishonesty suspected will be reported to the professor immediately.