At Wilson College, alumnae/i have the unique opportunity to adopt a new relative by participating in the Aunt Sarah Program, named in honor of our namesake Sarah Wilson. Alumnae/i volunteer as “Aunts” and students sign up to be “nieces or nephews.” An Aunt Sarah will be in contact with their niece/nephew each month through a letter/email or an occasional package to brighten the student trips to the mailbox and to provide encouragement. The program builds bonds between former and current students. Some of the pairings last a semester, some through commencement and others, a lifetime. For decades students have enjoyed developing a relationship with their Aunt Sarah, hearing and sharing Wilson stories/traditions, as well as, career and other personal life adventures. For alumnae/i, it is an opportunity to remain connected to campus life and give back in a personal way. Traditionally, Aunt Sarah was a secret connection with hints and clues to discover identities. However, over the years with new technology, many decide to email, text, Facetime, Skype or even meet face to face for ongoing interaction. A secret connection is still possible with letters or packages going back and forth utilizing staff in the Alumnae House. We hope this is the beginning of a special connection to those with shared life journeys at Wilson College!


Marybeth “Mb” Famulare, Director of Alumnae/i Relations
Cynthia Fink Barber ’73, Volunteer Coordinator

Be an Aunt Sarah!
If you would like to be an AUNT — sign up here. New applications from students are pouring in. Spread the word!
Prefer to print and mail click here.

Did you know....
I keep a small "stash" of small gifts or gift cards which allows me to be responsive if I learn of a student who is having a rough time or even deserves a congrats of some kind. Faculty or staff give me a heads up on occasion and with your help, I fill a need. If being paired is too much a commitment or you would like to just do something extra. I accept goodies on behalf of my private stash ... I sign from Aunt Sarah. Thank you. -Mb

Click this link, Aunt Sarah Guidlines, to review newly drafted guidelines regarding the Aunt Sarah Program - based on the questions from the last two years.

If you are a returning AUNT and have not yet indicated if you are remaining in the program and which student(s) you are keeping, please email Marybeth Famulare, Director of Alumnae/i Relations, at If you prefer not to continue at this time, that is important for me to know as well.

Interested in giving a Wilson Bookstore gift certificate?
Go to; gift certificates can be found in the products section under miscellaneous. If you would like the gift certificate given to a current student and put in their mailbox on campus, please mark "in store pick-up" and indicate the student's name in the special instructions section.