Name:   Amanda, 23

Hometown: Stafford, VA

Names/Ages of Children: Jerricho / 3

Class Standing: Junior

Major: Studio Art

Future Aspirations: be a college art professor

Best Aspect of SPS: I love that this opportunity is available for single parents. I love the community full of this program. It is very stress relieving to not have to worry about paying for daycare each week.

Name: Cierra, 23

Hometown: Chesapeake, VA

Names/Ages of Children: Jeremiah / 3

Class Standing: Sophomore

Major: Accounting

Future Aspirations: become a financial consultant

Best Aspect of SPS: having a place that helps me balance between being a single parent + full time college student.

Name: Jarena, 21                                                                                          

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

Names/Ages of Children: Melody / 3

Class Standing: Junior

Major: Business Management

Future Aspirations: to start up a non-profit entrepreneurship organization

Best Aspect of SPS: I love the community feel of the campus and support given to moms, through housing, daycare, and development programs.

Name: Amandea, 25

Hometown: Bowie, MD

Names/Ages of Children: Amyra / 5

Class Standing: Senior

Major: Chemistry + Biology

Future Aspirations: Holistic Pharmacist

Best Aspect of SPS:

  • Living space: it’s great to live in an awesome community with like-minded moms.
  • Ability to go full time with child living and staying with me.
  • Free laundry , trust me it helps!

Name: Ann, 23

Hometown: Camp Hill, PA

Names/Ages of Children: Anthony / 3

Class Standing: Senior

Major: Chemistry, Secondary Education

Future Aspirations: become a high school chemistry teacher

Best Aspect of SPS: the ability to live independently with my child in a safe environment while going to college full time.

Name: Breana, 23

Hometown: Mountain View, CA

Names/Ages of Children: Aiden Park / 3

Class Standing: 2017

Major: Performance studies – minor in English

Future Aspirations: Grad school or working in theatre/film (directing/acting)

Best Aspect of SPS: the opportunities available to parents at this school are unlike any other program in the country. I’m so grateful to be a part of such an amazing support system.

Name: Michele, 26

Hometown: Sharon, MA

Names/Ages of Children: Kaylee / 3.5

Class Standing: Junior

Major: Psychology + Environmental Sustainability

Future Aspirations: High school adjustment counselor (after getting my masters in social work)

Best Aspect of SPS: Being able to attend college full time without conflict from work and school and daycare. Able to focus on my degree full time and my daughter.

Name: Stephanie, 22

Hometown: Stamford, CT

Names/Ages of Children: Xavier / 4

Class Standing: Senior

Major: Early Childhood Education

Future Aspirations: Grad school in Family Studies – become an elementary teacher

Best Aspect of SPS: Because of this program I have so many opportunities: become independent, get the campus life experience while having my child with me. Night care is wonderful so I don’t have to worry about night class- also programs that are offered so that as a community we can all get together for a brief time.