How are the rooms furnished?

Each SPS suite is furnished with one twin bed (extra-long size), dresser, desk, and desk chair. Students are responsible for providing additional furniture. All college furniture must remain in the room. Students with extenuating or extreme circumstances have the ability to request and additional bed on a temporary basis provided we have one available and the student signs a waiver of liability. Students needing to request an additional bed should contact the Director of Residence Life by August 1 and January 9 respectively.

What is the layout of the kitchen?

There is a kitchen area on each SPS floor that includes two stoves, two full-size refrigerators, a microwave, and a chest freezer. There are designated cabinet, drawer, and shelving spaces for each family. You should bring along personal cooking items and utensils.

What are the laundry facilities like?

Each SPS floor has a laundry facility with 2 washers and 2 dryers. Washers and dryers are free to use. There is space in the room, designated by room number, for each family to keep laundry supplies near the machines.

When and how are room assignments made?

Returning SPS students are able to stay in the same room year to year if they choose. Placements for incoming SPS students take into consideration current make-up of the floors, children’s ages, students’ age, background, and personality, etc. The directors of residence life and the Single Parent Scholar Program work together to keep the floors evenly filled and balanced as much as possible based on the information available. SPS students can request a room change at any time after the first two weeks of class but are limited to one change per academic year. Students receive notification of their room assignment and move-in instructions via their Wilson email account during July/early August.

How many students live on each floor?

The size of a floor varies each semester but typically has no more than 7-8 families.

I’m concerned about space. What if everything doesn’t fit in my room?

Students are encouraged to bring organizational pieces to help optimize the space in their room. Each family is assigned a small amount of space in the community kitchen, laundry, and playrooms. There is also a limited amount of space in a seasonal storage room on each floor. If you have items that will not fit in your room but you want to keep them for use after Wilson. Storage is always at your own risk and students are encouraged to carry their own renter’s insurance policy. We do encourage all students to evaluate their belongings and scale back to the most essential items. Students may also consider using an off campus storage facility.

What are the playrooms like?

Prentis playrooms are equipped with a wall-mounted tv and dvd/vcr player. Wilson does not provide any play equipment for the playrooms. The members of the floor are expected to discuss any items they’d like to introduce and keep in the space to make sure that any age-appropriate, safety, or care concerns are addressed. We prohibit parents from bringing any large play sets or things that are more appropriate for an outdoor space. There is a separate space in Prentis for storage of children’s bikes. The Prentis main lounge has large wall-mounted TVs with cable and dvd/vcr players.

Can guests visit in the residence halls?

Yes, Wilson students are permitted to have guests, both student and non-student, within the parameters set by the residence hall community agreement. Each residential community has the right to discuss and determine appropriate times for guest visitation and restrict visitation accordingly. At maximum, students may entertain guests (resident/non-resident, male/female) in the residence hall any day of the week within the limit that any guest may stay no more than three (3) nights and four (4) days in any 7-day period. Guests are only permitted in individual rooms at the permission of both roommates. Overnight accommodations for guests may be arranged through the Office of Conferences and Special Events. All guests, both male and female, must be escorted at all times. As stated above, the hall vote governs the specifics of visitation for both genders. The guest and visitation policy applies to all guests, including parents and other Wilson students.

By nature, the Single Parent Scholar floors have added security concerns because of the presence of young children. These residents also have a unique need in that they may need to have a childcare provider present with their child while they, the student, are not present in the hall. With that in mind, the following guidelines have been established for the comfort and safety of all SPS members:

  • The floor’s RA must be notified of any SPS mom’s intention to have a childcare provider in the hall in advance of the individual’s arrival on the floor.
  • Each SPS floor must meet within the first week of class to discuss and establish community standards in regards to childcare within the floor, appropriate community notification, and community tolerance limits.
  • All SPS students are expected to follow the entire guest and visitation policy. Childcare providers within the hall are expected to be with their charges at all times and should not be unescorted in public spaces nor should they be given keys or elevator codes without permission from the director of residence life.
  • Any concerns regarding the community standards or their interpretation must be addressed with the floor community.

What will my class schedule be like? Will all my classes take place during the day?

Students in the program are required to maintain full-time enrollment, which is typically 4 full credit courses, as well as strongly encouraged to take classes during the January term. College courses do not meet daily, some classes may meet 1-3 times per week. As well depending on your course of study, you may have classes that are evening classes that meet once a week from 6:15 to 9:00 pm. You will find that your schedule will vary each semester.

What is there to do on campus?

Students’ social lives depend on their interests and level of involvement. Wilson College has many different organizations, athletic teams, leadership opportunities, and social outlets for her students. The Student Activities and Residential Life offices plan and coordinate many activities, both educational and social, throughout the year. These activities range from trips to nearby cities for shopping or attending sporting events, and local attractions, to educational seminars and workshops on campus. Wilson is also steeped in tradition and holds many long-standing events such as Sarah Wilson Week, White Dinner, Thanksgiving Dinner, Valentine’s Day Dinner, Deans Day, and Spring Fling. Full-time students are able to attend, free of charge, the Performing Arts Series, Van Loy Organ Series, and the Travel Films and Dinners that are held on campus regularly.

Lenfest Commons, conveniently houses all Student Development offices, post office, student clubs and organization offices, coffeehouse, and outdoor seating to enjoy an afternoon snack or for studying in the sun. There are also several lounge areas that are ideal for studying or holding discussion groups.

There are many options for a SPS student at Wilson to get involved and become an integral part of the community. Wilson encourages and understands the importance of balancing academics as well as co-curricular activities. Learning takes place in both areas and students will learn to manage their time so they can follow their interests and excel in their academics. Students play an important role in planning on and off campus events.

What activities are on campus for children?

Activities for children and families exist throughout campus including selected kid friendly movies on weekends, outdoor activities such as visiting the horses and college farm, and programming for kids through Residence Life and the SPS Program. 

Can I live on campus year round?

Program participants are able to live on campus year round. The SPS housing contract during the academic year covers from the start of Orientation through the Monday after Commencement. SPS students are permitted to stay on campus through all or part of the summer whether or not they are taking classes. Students taking at least 2 classes during the summer may be eligible for financial aid assistance with the housing fee. Returning students leaving campus for the summer are permitted to keep their belongings in their room over the summer at no charge provided they return their key before leaving. Students enrolled in summer classes may use the child care funds as they do during the academic year. Students who remain on campus but do not enroll in summer courses are responsible for their own child care arrangements and costs.

Who do I notify if my child or I have a special need?

Special needs or concerns should be addressed prior to enrollment to the SPS Director who assists students to the appropriate individual. Medical documentation will be requested.

Where can I find child care close to campus?

A community daycare list will be provided and the school will still be responsible for payment of daycare. Enrollment in an off-site location in such circumstances must be approved by the Single Parent Scholars (SPS) Program director.

Children who are school-aged are eligible for before and after school care at the local YMCA or one of its satellite locations at no charge to the student. Students must inform the SPS director of their intent to enroll their child in this program. During the time that student parents are in class, childcare is paid through the childcare scholarship that is available to all participants of the SPS Program.


Is my child permitted to leave campus to visit friends/family without the student?

The SPS Program recognizes and respects diversity in family systems and structures. Therefore, it is acceptable for a child to leave campus to visit family or friends, or in order to comply with a standing custody order while the student parent remains on campus. However, it is a condition of the SPS Program that the participants (i.e. mothers or fathers) have primary physical custody or primary custody of their child(ren). All questions regarding this matter, including extended absences of one’s child, must be discussed with the SPS director.

Can my child(ren) eat in the dining hall with me?

Yes. Children who are part of the SPS program are included in their parent’s meal plan at no extra cost.