This program provides single parents who meet the standards for admission to the College with the opportunity to pursue a bachelor’s degree from Wilson College while living on campus with up to two children.

Basic Program Facts

  • Wilson has residential space for a maximum of 12 students in this program. The number of students offered the benefits of the program varies from year-to-year based on the number of available residential spaces.
  • Residential space includes two rooms and a full bathroom. Kitchen and lounge space is shared with the other program participants and children living on the same residence hall floor.
  • The program accommodates up to two children per parent.
  • Proof of custody of the child/children is required.
  • A child must be at least 20-months of age when the parent moves on campus.
  • A child must be no older than 10 years by the time the parent graduates.
  • Once student parents secure childcare in the local community, a College endowment subsidizes the cost of childcare. 
  • Children eat for free in the Wilson dining hall but the parent pays for their meals based on the academic year charge for a meal program. All SPS Program students are required to have a College dining plan.
  • Students in this program pay tuition, board and fees – the same as any Wilson student.
  • Beginning Fall 2020 SPS participants will receive a grant to cover the costs for on-campus housing
  • Students apply for financial aid by filing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

Students are admitted to the College and to the SPS Program in both fall and spring semesters

Read about the SPS Program application process here