I am a residential student. Since the College is moving to remotely delivering class instruction and coursework beginning March 23, do I have to leave campus?
Our residence halls will remain open for students for whom returning home will pose a significant hardship; is simply not a viable option; or, going home will put the student in an environment where remote learning cannot occur. Students in these circumstances are encouraged to work with Ryan Coll, our director of residential life, and Mary Beth Williams, our dean of students, to arrange for on-campus housing. If you require accommodations and have not already made arrangements, please use the following link to make a request.
Residential Petition: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1VwCiPbY6-wMulzxZqhfc8Abu5h2xV5Rf3-a7DBW...

I am a residential student and would like to collect my personal property from my assigned room in a residence hall. How do I do that?
Please use the following link to set up an appointment with a member of Student Development to return to campus to collect your items.
Retrieving Property: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1lMcbZuQcytRb8BrjlWWMFMWSYUqh1grjLfNJZ7w...

Will residential students be refunded their room and board fees for the balance of the semester?
Per college policy, room is non-refundable. However, in this unprecedented set of circumstances, the College is working through an approach to refund on a pro-rated basis room and board. Additional information will be forthcoming once these details are determined.