Wilson College provides the following resources for prospective or current students to determine if the program of study they are interested in will meet the State requirements where the student is, or plans to be located, outside of the State of Pennsylvania, for any program leading to certification or licensure. 

How teacher credentials cross state lines: Teacher Certification

Professional Licensure Notice for Nursing 
In earning your BSN from Wilson College Nursing, you will meet all of the necessary requirements to sit for the National Council Licensure Exam (NCLEX – RN) and can move forward with Nursing Licensure in the state of Pennsylvania. Other states that Wilson College Nursing graduates have sat for the NCLEX – RN include: Maryland, Florida, New York, Louisiana, Virginia and West Virginia . 

If you plan to practice your nursing profession in a state not listed above, please visit nursinglicensure.org for requirements by state.​ 

Additional Licensed Professions per State: 2020 Licensed Professions per State