Students choosing the concentration in English Language and Literature focus on the analysis, history, and creation of written media and language, including novels, poems, plays, mass media, film, and more.

Requirements for the Concentration in English Language and Literature

The Concentration in English Language and Literature prepares students for further graduate study or a range of careers in areas including teaching, media work, public relations, technical or corporate communications, the non-profit sector and publishing.

Students selecting this concentration complete five courses in the English Language and Literature concentration. Among those five courses, they must choose two of the following:

  • ENG 511: History and Structure of the English Language
  • ENG 518: Chaucer
  • ENG 545: Shakespeare’s Histories and Comedies or ENG 546 Shakespeare’s Tragedies and Romances
  • ENG 580: Literary and Cultural Interpretation
  • HUM 570: Topics in Language and Literature

Three additional courses must be selected from any coursework listed as English Language and Literature (LL).

All M.A. in Humanities program candidates are required to complete the following:

HUM 510 Methods and Materials of Humanities Research
HUM 598 Master’s Thesis I
HUM 599 Master’s Thesis II

The successful M.A. candidate will complete 10 courses total, which includes two courses of Master’s Thesis, while maintaining a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or higher. Graduate course credit will be awarded only for earned grades of C (2.0 on a 4.0 scale) or better.

All course work and degree requirements must be completed within six years of taking the first class in the M.A. Program. Appeals for extension of the six-year limit must be submitted in writing to the Program Director.