Students choosing the concentration in Women’s Studies will focus their studies on the critical, philosophical, and cultural understandings and interpretations of the role of women and gender in the development of history, culture, tex, and visual media.

The Concentration in Women’s Studies

The Concentration in Women’s Studies is designed to prepare students for further graduate study at the Ph.D. level, for work in the non-profit sector, in working for women’s organizations, in higher education or in other fields where the critical history of women is significant.

     Students selecting this concentration must complete these two courses:

  • WS 581 Feminist Theory: Visual Culture
  • WS 580 Feminist Theory: Literary Analysis

Plus three courses from the following in the Women’s Studies concentration:

  • ENG 535 Film Genres and Genders
  • ENG 570 Environmental (In)Justice in American Literature
  • ENG 570 Nineteenth Century Women Writers
  • FRN 542T Francophone Women Writers of Africa/Caribbean
  • SPN 542T Hispanic Women Writers

Relevant Topics courses in Humanities fields may be substituted with the approval of the Program Director



HUM 510 Methods and Materials of Research in the Humanities
HUM 598 Master’s Thesis I
HUM 599 Master’s Thesis II

* All M.A. in Humanities program candidates are required to complete the following:


Graduation Requirements

The successful M.A. candidate will complete 10 course credits, which includes two course credits of Master’s Thesis, while maintaining a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or higher. Graduate course credit will be awarded only for earned grades of C (2.0 on a 4.0 scale) or better.

     All course work and degree requirements must be completed within six years of taking the first class in the M.A. Program. Appeals for extension of the six-year limit must be submitted in writing to the Program Director.