A Continuation of Traditions That Define the Wilson Experience

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Founder's Day

A celebration of the 1869 founding of the school by two clergymen and the College’s generous donor, Sarah Wilson. The College is named for her family.

George Washington's Birthday

A bygone tradition, students celebrated the founding of the nation by dressing up as either George or Martha Washington and performing period dances.

All-College Picnic

Every fall, the students spent a day at a nearby park, picnicking and enjoying a variety of sports, other activities, and, of course, the occasional speech.


Often associated with high schools now, Prom began at Wilson in 1905 as a way for the all-female student body to socialize with the male students at nearby men’s colleges.

Step Sing & Song Wars

A friendly competition between odd and even classes where students sing and shout traditional chants toward one another.


Alumnae/i classes return to campus every five years for a weekend of Wilson fun. Of course, all are welcome to join the celebration! 



Wilson’s traditional beanie hat, decorated with a student’s graduation year and class colors, is a staple at many College functions. 


Christmas Vespers

A traditional Christmas service with songs performed by the College Choir. 


Ten Tones

Wilson’s acapella group sang from the Wilson songbook and was recently revitalized as the “DiversiTones.”  


Senior Night

At the end of the school year, students attempt to prevent faculty members from reaching their classrooms with various mental challenges – and maybe a water gun fight.


Thanksgiving Dinner

Wilson provides a traditional Thanksgiving dinner to students, faculty, and staff with a turkey for every table. 


The Blessing of the Animals

Student Malinda Triller suggested the idea in 1994. The Chaplain agreed to hold the service if Malinda would promise to attend Chapel service every week for a whole semester. 



The college community comes together to officially celebrate a new academic semester with a faculty procession and speeches by the president, guests, and students. During Convocation, students pledge to abide by the Honor Principle, a self-enforced honor code. 



The College community comes together to celebrate the graduating senior class with a faculty procession and speeches, as well as the Blue and Silver Line, where alumnae/i representatives from all decades come together to honor and celebrate the graduates.