Friday, April 16 and Saturday, April 17

Welcome to our show! Please silence all cell phones before you start scrolling (we promise, it’ll be more fun). Food and drinks are welcome. For this performance, your cats and dogs are welcome too. Feel free to watch in our show order, or in whatever order you prefer.  

Sit back, relax and enjoy the virtual performance of Orchesis!

Waiting in Air 
Dancers: Anu Shah, Jessica Larkin, Sarah Skaggs and Amanda Chestnut. 
Choreographer: Megan Mizanty 


Dancers: Paiton Glunt, Emily Williams, Christiana Bredbenner
Choreographer: Jamie Daley


Ready or not… You’re Wanted. 
Dancer and Choreographer: Ciera Erwin


Drumdown Mambo
Dancers: Tia Jones, Ciera Erwin and Stori Boggs 
Choreographer: Tia Jones 


Dancers: Christiana Bredbenner 
Choreographer: Jamie Daley