DEVELOP A THERAPEUTIC RIDING PROGRAM (EFT 1):  Students will design a therapeutic riding program utilizing industry standards.


Outcomes:   The student’s ability to develop a therapeutic riding program will be evidenced by:


  • Utilizing state and national standards of practice
  • Writing job descriptions
  • Writing training manuals for staff and volunteers
  • Training staff and volunteers
  • Develop a record-keeping system
  • Perform a program self-study


THE THERAPEUTIC RIDER (EFT 2):  Students will identify disability characteristics, precautions, contraindications, and therapeutic goals for individuals with disabilities within the therapeutic riding setting.


Outcomes:   Understanding the therapeutic rider is evidenced by:


  • Defining characteristics of a disability that can be affected by therapeutic riding
  • Writing long-term and short-term goals for the individual
  • Defining and assessing progression for the therapeutic rider


UTILIZING THE HORSE (EFT 3):  Students will train the horse, analyze its movement, and control the horse, in the therapeutic setting.


Outcomes:   Skills related to utilizing the horse in the therapeutic setting are evidenced by the student’s ability to:


  • Progress a horse’s ground training to the therapeutic level
  • Define, analyze, and interpret the horse’s movement
  • Identify appropriate mounts for specific individuals
  • Perform the duties of a leader in a therapeutic riding lesson


TEACHING THE THERAPEUTIC RIDER (EFT 4):  Students will develop and teach a therapeutic riding plan for riders with disabilities..


Outcomes:   Teaching the therapeutic rider is demonstrated by the student’s ability to:


  • Perform an intake evaluation
  • Assign appropriate horse, adaptive equipment and level of assistance for a therapeutic rider
  • Write lesson plans for therapeutic riding lessons
  • Self-evaluation of performance
  • Assess and progress riders utilizing industry standards
  • Evaluate peers
  • Oversee the teaching team
  • Perform student teaching hours