Join fellow veterinary education graduates, faculty and current students … and bring your passion for animals to the next generation!

Through the incredible generosity of 70 donors, including significant financial gifts from Susan Breakefield Fulton ’61 and Margaret Hamilton Duprey, we’ve almost fully funded the construction of our new $3 million Breakefield Veterinary Education Center (VEC). This new 9,000-square-foot facility opened in August and replaces the much smaller, outdated Helen M. Beach ’24 veterinary building, which has been razed to make room for additional campus parking. Watch a video and see photos of the VEC ribbon cutting ceremony here

But we are not there yet.

Duprey, a Wilson Trustee and lifelong horsewoman, has challenged the College and its many constituents to close the funding gap. Between now and Dec. 31, 2019, Duprey has vowed to match every dollar raised for the VEC! So, now’s the time to give. Any size financial gift matters, whether its $10, $150 or even more, your support will guarantee future Wilson students receive a top-notch veterinary education.

Giving is easy, but time is of the essence. In honor of Wilson’s Sesquicentennial, our goal is to reach 150 additional donors. You can be one today!

Make a secure gift online.
The VEC has already become a hub for students in the college’s veterinary medical technology (VMT) program–the only four-year bachelor’s degree program of its kind in Pennsylvania and only one of 22 such programs in the nation. After nursing, VMT is the most popular major at Wilson. This year, 69 students have declared VMT as their major and another 95 students intend to major in it. Forty-five pre-veterinary students are also enrolled.

Here's what some of our donors are saying …
“My time at Wilson was so valuable and important. I learned so much, especially the hands on courses which help me in my day to day job as a veterinary technician. A new building with new equipment (is) a great addition to Wilson College and will help foster the next set of Wilson veterinary technicians.”

Jessica Weaver 13
Vet tech at Clearview Animal Hospital
Hanover, Pa.

“ … when I give to Wilson I feel like I can play a little role in helping others make their dreams become a reality and I feel a stronger tie to those who helped me through their gifts. The true reward of supporting the VEC has been to see the enthusiasm of the faculty and students. The VMT program and animal sciences have long been an integral part of Wilson’s fabric and it is so exciting be a part of this investment in the continued success of the program.”
Jennifer Nickle Banzhof ’94
Member, Wilson College Board of Trustees
Suwannee, Ga.