In the event that campus officials decide to delay or cancel classes or close the College, an announcement will be made. This information will be placed on the Wilson homepage and Information Line, and notification will be sent to the local radio and television stations. The decision is normally made by 6 a.m. for day classes and 3 p.m. for evening classes.  Students are urged to call the Wilson College Information Line at 717-262-2020 or go to the Wilson College website home page to determine if there is any change to the College schedule. 

Classes held at off-campus locations will follow the schedule of the hosting location.  For example, if the off-campus site closes, class will not be held at that location. Attempts will be made to notify students in these courses in the event that a schedule change occurs.  Students in off-campus courses should check their email and home phone answering service for messages. 

If weather reports indicate that the inclement weather may improve over the course of the day, a delay may be announced.  Since classes ordinarily begin at 8 a.m., a delay of two hours would mean that classes begin at 10 a.m. Wilson does not follow a compressed schedule. Classes that begin at 10 a.m. or later would meet at their regularly scheduled time. However, if the class would ordinarily begin at 9:30 a.m. and would be in progress at 10 a.m., class will then begin at 10 a.m. that day.

Radio Station - FM
WQCM (94.3 FM)
WIKZ (95.1 FM)
WITF (93.3 FM/89.5 FM)
TV Stations
WGAL (channel 8)
WHP (channel 21)
WHAG (channel 25)
WHTM (channel 27)
FOX 43