Federal law requires that all transcript requests include the student's written signature. Therefore, requests cannot be accepted via email. The preferred method to request a transcript is to download the form, print it, complete the form and mail it along with the $5 fee per copy for official transcripts. Wilson College policy requires payment of the fee before a request for an official transcript can be processed. Acceptable payment methods are cash or check/money order made payable to Wilson College. Credit card payment is not accepted.

Official transcripts may be released to the student. These transcripts are marked "Issued to Student" and placed in an envelope with the Registrar's signature stamp over the seal. If mailed, the envelope is placed inside the mailing envelope. To be considered official, the transcript must remain sealed in the envelope containing the Registrar's signature. Please be aware that some institutions may not consider a transcript that has been issued to the student as official.

One copy of an unofficial transcript may be released at no charge directly to the student. Unofficial transcripts will not be released to a third party. Students are free to make photocopies of the unofficial transcript and distribute as necessary. Written requests for unofficial transcripts may be mailed, submitted in person or faxed to the Registrar's Office. The unofficial copy may be picked up by the student or mailed/faxed to the student after it is processed. Faxing may be used for unofficial transcript requests and copies only.

If you are unable to print the request form, a letter may be sent to request a transcript. Please include the following information in a letter:

  • Your current name and your name while in attendance at Wilson College (if different).
  • Your current address, daytime telephone number, and/or email address.
  • Identifying information - your social security number and date of birth.
  • Dates of attendance.
  • The number and type (official, unofficial, rush order, etc.) of transcripts requested.
  • The complete address to which you are requesting the transcript be sent.
  • Your signature must be included on all transcript requests.

Transcripts may also be requested in person at the Registrar's Office. Transcript requests are processed weekly, usually on Thursdays. If immediate processing is necessary for a request of an official transcript, a rush order fee of $15 per transcript is required. Rush order requests are processed as soon as possible upon receipt and sent via normal postal mail. Additional cost for requesting a special shipping method is paid by the student.