Students must formally register for the Summer Residency Intensive at least six weeks before the beginning of the Summer Residency Intensive and four weeks before any academic year semester. Registration is processed through the office of the director. Late registration must be approved by the director.

Transfer Credits
At the discretion of the program director, no more than two courses may be transferred into the MFA. For a course to transfer, the grade in the course must be 3.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale and the subject area, goals and outcomes must be similar to that of courses designed for the MFA. Students may be required to present supporting materials (such as a syllabus, assignments, etc.) beyond an official transcript when transferring in a class.

Enrollment of Non-Degree Students in MFA courses
Enrollment in MFA courses requires admission to the M.F.A. Program. A general exception is made for students admitted to the MA Humanities Program who may enroll in FA 510 Praxis: Visual Arts, FA 523 Praxis: Movement Arts and FA 526 Praxis: Creative Writing. 

Leave of Absence and Incompletes
The MFA program is designed as an intense, 24-month program that must be completed within five years of matriculation. However, a student may take a one-semester (summer campus residency or academic year semester) or full academic year leave of absence. The leave of absence requires approval from the director (students must submit this request in writing). A leave of absence beyond one full year, or two missed summer residency intensives, will be considered a withdrawal and will require the student to reapply to the program. Credit for completed coursework will be honored as long as the five-year completion deadline is met. Partial attendance of the summer campus residency is strongly discouraged but may be permitted by the director. Incompletes for the summer campus residency will be arranged with the director and registrar. Withdrawal and incompletes for individual classes will be granted as allowed under standard Wilson academic procedures.