Earn academic credit while gaining REAL-WORLD experience!  Through partnership with The Washington Center, students from all majors are provided with impressive opportunity for substantive internships and academic seminars in our nation's capital. Additionally, international study options are available in London and Sydney. These programs offer an integrated mix of experience and academics that is unmatched in any other program of this kind. Students will earn academic credit while gaining solid experience in their specific area of interest through these semester-long or summer programs offered by The Washington Center.


Launch Your Way Into a SUCCESSFUL Career. 

Academic semesters and summer terms through The Washington Center are tailored to each student’s interests and goals, include rigorous academic coursework, and are enhanced through special lectures and other programming.

A Great Way to Learn.  A Great Way to Live.

A Great Way to Launch a Career.

Nine out of ten entry-level hires today have completed at least one internship or co-op experience. The Washington Center has decades of experience, a broad network, a wide range of internships and academic offerings that help you shape your future success.

Students are enrolled in an internship program based on their interests and their academic status. Each program has one or more professional program advisors who counsel, place, supervise and help evaluate students as well as organize activities during the day or half-day when they are not at their internship.

Advocacy, Service & the Arts

Help develop a more civil society through advocacy, community service or the promotion of educational, artistic and cultural initiatives. Opportunities include museum internships, internships working with children or youth, or internships with nongovernmental or nonprofit organizations.

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Business and Global Trade

Students gain the experience and skills needed to succeed in the highly competitive and increasingly regulated business world, as well as in the government and nonprofit arenas in TWC’s Business and Management program.  Students learn about the current business environment, corporate responsibility and ethics, and the intersection of business and government.  Those studying finance, economics, business administration, accounting, international business, human resources, or marketing make up the majority of the interns in this program.

The Business and Management program provides students with first-hand professional experience.  Furthermore, students have the opportunity to hear from business leaders and to learn about the many challenges and opportunities in the business world.  Students engage in a service project to learn how to market themselves successfully to nonprofit or public service organizations.

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Ford Motor Company Global Scholars

Global Affairs and Development Internships


Future leaders of international community development are being forged at The Washington Center through the Ford Global Scholars Program. Combining an international awareness with practical resources, skills, mentorships and training, this program explores ways in which the participants can contribute to the welfare of their communities.

Ford Global Scholars center their work on advancing the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The program includes study focused on:

      • In-depth understanding of the MDGs.
      • Facilitating strategic global partnerships.
      • Promoting the best business practices to advance the MDGs.
      • Examining poverty, health, gender equality, access to education, the environment, sustainability, and other important issues.

The program also promotes the exchange of cultural knowledge and skills and provides a platform for structured conversation.

Created in Partnership with the Ford Motor Company

In 2008, The Washington Center received major funding from Ford Motor Company to create this unique program. Since its inception the program has hosted 72 students in Washington, D.C. -- 24 participants in the fall 2008, 2009 and 2010 semesters. Students have come from Salvador and Sao Paulo, Brazil; Chennai, India; Saint Petersburg, Russia; Johannesburg, South Africa and Hanoi, Vietnam and the United States.

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International Affairs

Prepare for a career in international affairs in fields such as sustainable development, human rights, national security, trade, global women’s rights and international education. Due to the complexity of the international system and U.S. foreign policy, experiences in government and non-profit organizations are becoming increasingly important for people seeking entry level jobs in this field. Like other programs at TWC, International Affairs combines a four and a half-day internship with specialized programming that tackles issues faced on the world stage.

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Law & Criminal Justice

Students pursuing careers in the legal and law enforcement communities are welcome in The Washington Center’s Law & Criminal Justice (LCJ) program. Here, students are equipped with the unique experiences and skills that will jumpstart their future these diverse and respected fields. Law enforcement-related internships provide students with experience investigating crimes, interviewing witnesses, or analyzing issues related to criminal justice and law enforcement.

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Media & Communication

The expanding field of communications will someday be led and enriched by the talents and perspectives of today’s interns. The Media & Communications program at The Washington Center helps students hone their skills and focus their ingenuity on the fields in which they’re most interested. Students have gone on to careers in:

  • Print and broadcast journalism
  • Production
  • Advertising
  • Public Relations
  • Photography
  • Graphic Design
  • Political Communications
  • Social, electronic, and new media

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Politics and Public Policy

Political Internships | Public Policy Internships | Congressional Internships

Intern with members of Congress, congressional committees, political party organizations, campaigns, interest groups and government relations firms. The Washington Center’s Political Leadership program places students squarely in the arena of political action. They have the opportunity to work on critical issues such as national defense, homeland security, tax policy, social security, and healthcare. Students meet with policymakers and other influential figures as part of the additional programming. Other programming gives students a unique perspective on lobbying, campaigning and how Washington really works.  

The program is open to any student with an interest in politics. Students attracted to this program are typically political science, government studies, history, public administration or policy majors. By the end of the semester they will be able to learn how to conduct legislative research, improve their writing skills as well as learn in a more up close way how the federal government works.

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Postgraduate Professional Development Program

Professional Development in D.C.
The Postgraduate Professional Development Program (PPDP) is a special program for recent graduates (within the past 18 months) and graduate students from all majors and backgrounds. It is designed specifically to help these individuals explore career options, gain valuable skills and make professional contacts.

The PPDP is an investment in the future. It helps postgraduate interns decide on a career direction and acquire the skills and experience needed to pursue it.

Careers in D.C.
Career options abound in Washington, D.C. In some cases, PPDP interns receive job offers at their internship site or at another organization. Even if a job is not secured immediately, doors are often opened, contacts are made and networks are strengthened.

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Science, Technology & Society

Students interested in the intersection of science and society are invited to participate in The Washington Center’s Science, Technology and Society (STS) program. Here, students become better acquainted with the policymaking process, the agencies and organizations that shape policy, and the social, political, and economic considerations that affect policy in the United States. The core areas within the STS program are environmental studies, health science and policy, and information technology; all majors and other science-policy interests are welcome to apply.

Throughout the semester students will address many of the most pressing issues faced by community and national leaders today:


  • Global climate change
  • Sustainable development
  • Alternative energy sources
  • Improved and expanded health care
  • Bioethics
  • Biotechnology

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Additional Programs

The Washington Center offers several programs that are funded and/or restricted to a specific group of students. Read about the internship experience, sample internship sites and how to apply for the following programs.

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