This program offers unique opportunities for professional and intellectual development for a wide variety of students. In creating this program we strove to be

  • Responsive to the educational needs of students like you.
  • Flexible enough to meet those needs.
  • Rigorous enough to aid you in achieving your educational and career goals.

This degree allows you to fashion an education that is tailored to meet your specific goals. The result is a student with a degree that is highly employable and also well-prepared for further study beyond the M.A.

So what do students who complete the M.A. in Humanities do? Many students completing the degree will do so because of opportunities with their current employer. They gain promotion based on the skills and education received in our program.

Many of our students have found employment in higher education, working as program directors, faculty, student media coordinators, chiefs of staff, and in a variety of other roles. Other students work in secondary education as teachers and administrators. 

Other graduates have found work in the non-profit sector, while others are working in professional settings in media, fundraising, and even healthcare. One of our graduates was just elected mayor of her hometown!

Wilson’s MA in Humanities stresses intellectual skills and educational abilities that will further the opportunities for students in a wide range of fields and workplace settings, including communication offices, educational institutions, public relation firms and offices, museums and non-profits, media organizations—the list is potentially endless. Remember—you will take a strong hand in shaping your program to best meet your future goals. This is graduate study as you need it.

Whatever the opportunity you seek, this program is focused on helping you achieve it.