Complete List of Available Courses for Master of Humanities as of 2016-2017 academic year:


COM 503     Media Law and Ethics

COM 504     Media Theory

ENG 511     Structure of the English Language

ENG 521     Advanced Creative Writing:  Poetry

ENG 523     Advanced Creative Writing:  Fiction

ENG 525     Topics in Creative Writing

ENG 570     Topics in Literature

ENG 517     American Literature Since 1945

ENG 518     Chaucer

ENG 535     Film Genres and Genders

ENG 545     Shakespeare's Histories and Comedies

ENG 546     Shakespeare's Romances and Tragedies

ENG 580     Literary and Cultural Interpretation

FA 510     Art History Theory and Methods

FA 523     Contemporary Arts Seminar

FRN 540     Autobiography and Exile

FRN 541     Francophone Women Writers of Africa/Caribbean in Translation

FRN 542     Reimagining Childhood in the Francophone World

HUM 510     Methods and Materials Humanities Research

HUM 555     M.A. Internship

HUM 570     Topics in Language and Literature

HUM 572     Topics in Arts and Culture

HUM 598     Master's Thesis I

HUM 599     Master's Thesis II

PHI 535     Aesthetics

RLS 548     Theory of Religion

SPN 521     Service Learning in Spanish

SPN 522     Spanish Translation

SPN 520     Hispanic Film Studies

SPN 523     Coloniality in the Hispanic World

SPN 524     Hispanic Women Writers

SPN 525     Hispanic Nation in Narration

SPN 531     Spanish Poetry and Theatre of the Golden Age

SPN 532     Cervantes' Don Quijote de la Mancha

SPN 570     Topics in Hispanic Literatures

SPN 571     Topics in Hispanic Cultures

WS 520     Feminist Theory:  Visual Culture

WS 521     Feminist Theory:  Literary Analysis


The above course list does not include topics courses, irregular courses, or special circumstance courses. Graduate students pursuing the special concentration may access graduate coursework from disciplines across the campus. For a look at the full extent of graduate coursework offered at Wilson, including descriptions for the courses listed above, please visit the College's catalog.