Lenfest Learning Commons, John Stewart Memorial Library

A New Christianity in Africa: Health and Wealth Gospel in a Sea of Poverty

By:  Henry Mugabe, Zimbabwe Theological Seminary


This lecture is about theologies of prosperity in the context of disease and poverty.  It raises the question whether to liberate or continue to enslave adherence.

Celebrating Success While Embracing the Challenges: A Woman's Guide to Emotional Wellness

By:  Marsha R. Banks, Founder and Executive Director of Amiracle4sure

This presentation will address healing from past hurts, understanding the importance of forgiveness, and celebrating our success.


The Gender Gap and the 2016 Presidential Election

By:  Dr. Jill Hummer


In the 2016 presidential election, the gender gap--or the difference between how men and women vote--may be bigger than ever. This talk will explore past and current gender inequalities in support for the presidential candidates.


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