The Sue Davison Cooley Gallery is a new exhibition venue to the Wilson College community. Located on the second floor of the beautifully renovated John Stewart Memorial Library, Cooley Gallery provides space for students and professional artists to share their creative voice with a community of scholars. Professional artist exhibitions typically run for an entire semester, while student and resident artist exhibitions run during summer months.

The Cooley Gallery is named in honor of Wilson alumna Sue Davison Cooley ’44, a Portland, OR area philanthropist and Wilson College benefactor. Like Bogigian Gallery, Cooley is a crucial teaching tool for fine arts program and mission, with a commitment to excellence and professionalism in each exhibition.

Cooley Gallery is open Mon – Thur 8AM – 11PM, Fri 8 AM – 5 PM, Sat 9 AM – 5 PM, and Sun 1 PM – 11 PM. Admission is free. For additional information or an appointment, contact Joshua Legg, Cooley Gallery Curator, at

Current Exhibition

An art exhibition celebrating the 150-year history of Wilson College–created by Baltimore artist Jim Condron using college relics and artifacts–opens Wednesday, Sept. 4, in the Wilson library's Sue Davison Cooley Gallery. The exhibition, You Never Wash it Off Completely, will run through Dec. 15. Please visit this link for a full description of the exhibition. 

View previous work in the art exhibition archive